How does it work?

We announce activities every first and third Friday of the month. On the last week of each month, we hold a meeting at the La Crosse Public Library, where club leaders guide a discussion on how the month’s activities bring new layers of community history to light. View the schedule to see the montly meeting dates.

Learn about each month’s activities

Each activity will be different. Some will take 15 minutes to do, others could take a few hours. Some can be done with the whole family, while others may be of interest to only a small group of people. You get to determine your level of participation. If you have a request for an activity or theme, please do not hesitate to ask Jenny and Tiffany to create something for you own interests! Likely, if you are interested in it, someone else is too.


Functioning like a book club, each month, the club leaders will host a meeting. You do not have to complete any of the activities to attend (though, of course we hope you do!) and you can participate in monthly meetings as much or as little as you would like.

Who are we?

The club leaders are librarian Jenny DeRocher and historian Tiffany Trimmer. The leaders’ roles are to create and facilitate the biweekly activities and the monthly discussions.

The History Club is brought to you by the La Crosse Public Library Archives & Local History Department.

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